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In order to provide the financial consultancy service we operate to customers, to meet the needs of our customers in a timely and accurate manner, to keep their satisfaction at the highest level and to achieve this;

  1. Ensuring the implementation of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) standard,

  2. By adopting the Quality System, carrying out its work in this direction and carrying out all its activities within the framework of this system,

  3. To ensure the sustainability of sales and service efficiency in today's conditions by making continuous improvements,

  4. To raise quality system awareness among employees through training, information and continuous communication,

  5. To ensure the continuous development of the Quality Management System by developing methods and ensuring its implementation,

  6. To adopt a Customer-Focused Sales Policy in order to be among the leading companies in the sector in which we operate,

  7. To meet the needs of our customers with the right and new technologies within the organization. Starting from the moment the need arises, continuing the post-sales demands with the aim of ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction,

  8. To adopt a strong and people-first business approach with the right information, right shopping, new technology, corporate approach,

  9. Adopting the principle of reliability and managing business relations by strictly adhering to the principle of honesty,

  10. To attach great importance to openness, transparency and honesty in communication. To adhere to the principle of reasonableness in internal and external relations

We undertake the items we wrote above.

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