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In the realm of business, the pulse of success is often measured in monetary terms, with profit emerging as the paramount indicator. Business entities undergo meticulous evaluation during activity periods, be it quarterly or annually, to gauge their financial health. The calculation of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization), known in Turkish as FAVÖK (Faiz, Amortisman ve Vergi Öncesi Kâr), serves as a crucial figure for business owners, investors, potential investors, customers, banks, suppliers, employees, and the state. This metric becomes a lens through which the financial performance and success of businesses are scrutinized.

In this landscape, the accounting of profits holds immense importance, guiding both financial and legal frameworks. Various regulations, including the Tax Procedure Law, Corporate Tax Law, Income Tax Law, Commercial Law, Law of Obligations, CMB legislation, IFRS, and TFRS standards, provide businesses with the necessary provisions to ensure accurate and sound profit (or loss) determination.

The widespread use of EBITDA, especially in dividend payments to shareholders, underscores its significance as a key indicator of financial success. Recognizing that all employees, regardless of their department or role, are compensated by customers, underscores the paramount importance of a customer-centric approach and satisfaction at all organizational levels.

In an era where providing cheaper, higher-quality, and faster products to customers is pivotal, our company offers professional management consultancy services.


We navigate the evolving landscape to yield results, create value, utilize resources efficiently, and operate within an organizational framework. Our goal is to implement concepts, techniques, and practices that enhance the effectiveness and competitiveness of business processes, ensuring alignment with the ever-changing business environment.

Experience the difference with our consultancy services as we guide your business towards effectiveness, competitiveness, and sustained success.

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