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​Bank Opening and Banking Transactions Support Services


In the global arena, cross-border banking transactions stand as a crucial lifeline for foreign companies. Yet, for non-residents of Turkey, the journey through banking intricacies becomes a delicate dance, shaped by the autonomous decisions of compliance departments and the authoritative nature of institutional structures within banks.

Our tailored service recognizes the significance of every step in this process. From the imperative need to open bank accounts to facilitating seamless access to online banking transactions, and meticulously tracking both outgoing and incoming payments, we navigate the complexities on your behalf.

In the realm of SWIFT transactions, especially in the case of transfers, the intricacies handled by bank compliance units can be challenging. Issues ranging from insufficient document provision and incomplete information about products and services to challenges in following the money trail and lapses in submitting legal declarations can create hurdles. Political and environmental considerations further add to the intricacy.

Our service is designed to streamline and oversee critical money flow systems. This encompasses a spectrum of activities, including the monitoring of banking transactions, establishment of branches or country-based companies involving foreign partners, and addressing banks' requests for residence permits, work permits, or changes in authorized personnel. We navigate compulsory requirements, ensuring that your establishment documents and activity records remain up-to-date, opening accounts seamlessly in other branches and banks, and more.

Let us be your trusted ally in simplifying the complex world of cross-border banking. Elevate your financial journey with us — where every transaction is a step towards financial ease.

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